One of the largest suppliers of Hemp in Australia for over 10 years

Lariese Purely Hemp


Lariese is a family owned and operated Australian business founded in 2006 by the Williams family. With all family members working in the business, we have an established range of Australian certified organic and organic personal care products as well a dedicated range of products for mums and bubs. Hemp has always been a very important ingredient within our moisturisers and we have always been firm advocates of the incredible benefits of Hemp as a food, which is why we created our dedicated range of Hemp food products, Lariese purely Hemp. 

As one of the largest suppliers of Hemp in Australia and overseas, we have researched and tested hemp and hemp products for the last 9 years. The reason we have chosen to invest, grow and import Canadian Hemp is because of its proven and established track record for the last 18 years, supplying the whole of North America, Europe and Asia - including Korea and Japan. Canada is recognised worldwide as the best in the world due to its optimal growing conditions and nutritious soil. Which is why we have contracts directly with world class Canadian farm producers who grow our hemp seed under a strict production regime. Our seed is of a proprietary species bred for quality and taste.

Our Hemp products are certified Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten free and Kosher certified and we are the only company in Australia currently selling our premium 80% Hemp Protein.



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